Frozen Homemade Meals

Don’t have time to make a home-cooked meal tonight? Let’s Martin’s Farm Market do the cooking!

We offer Frozen Homemade Meals ready for you to pick up and bake when you need it most. Meals are made from our own delicious recipes.

See how easy it can be to provide your family with Martin’s Farm Market Frozen Homemade Meals!

6″ x 8″ x 1.5″ Pan Price Each
Baked Corn $9.99
Potato Filling $8.99
Cheesy Potatoes $9.99
Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes $9.99
Green Bean Casserole $8.99
Candied Yams $8.99
Tuna Noodle Casserole $9.99
Poppy Seed Chicken $9.99
Lasagna $9.99
Macaroni & Cheese $9.99
Glazed Ham Balls $9.99
8″ x 1.5″ Round Pan Price Each
Shepherd’s Pie $16.99

Zook’s Homemade Chicken, Beef, or Sausage Pies

Round Pie Price Each
6″ Pie $5.99
9″ Pie $9.99
Pint or Quart Container Price Per Pound
Baked Lima Beans $3.99
Cranberry Relish $3.29
Cream Chipped Beef $6.99
Shredded Beef Pot Roast $5.79
Chicken Corn Noodle Soup $3.31
Chicken Rice Soup $3.49
Spicy Cheeseburger Soup $3.99
Chili $4.99
Only Veggies Soup $2.79
Ham and Bean Soup $2.90
Beef Vegetable $3.72
Broccoli Cheese Soup $2.89
Beef Noodle Soup $3.99
Chicken Pot Pie $3.79

Precooked Meals

The following items are precooked and only need to be heated. They are a personal sized dinner with a meat, potato, vegetable, salad, cranberry sauce or apple sauce, and a a roll. All priced at $7.49 each.

Poppy Seed Chicken Dinner
Ham Ball Dinner
Meat Ball Dinner
Roast Beef Dinner
Turkey Dinner